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Females Rarely Included in Surgery Research

Women and men often react differently to illness and treatment, yet surgical researchers rarely use female animals or cells in their published studies--to the detriment of patients, a Northwestern University professor has concluded. Dr. Melina R. Kibbe, senior author of a study published in September in the journal Surgery, said she was stunned by what she found during her review of five medical journals published in 2011 and 2012.  To read MORE....


Treating Women Differently: the Case for Sex-Based Medicine

The Women's Heatlh Research Institute has partnered with Northwestern Medicine to present a CME approved course for clinicians entitled "Treating Womens Differently:  The Case for Sex-based Medicine."   It will feature five of the women-centric clinics at NM and be held in Chicago on Friday, November 21, 2014.  To learn more, download the brochure.   Areas to be discussed include mental health, cardiovascular disease, neurology, pelvic health and dermatology.   The emphasis is on incorporating new knowledge about sex differences into clinical practice for women.

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